Monday, March 27, 2023

Guide: How the benefits linked to the minimum wage are now designed [λίστα]

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A number of benefits will be pulled up by the increase in the minimum wage.

The new minimum wage, announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and effective from April 1, rose to 780 euros (from 713 euros). At the same time, its increase has a positive effect on many services.

Guide: How other benefits will look after the minimum wage increase

In detail, the other allowances are broken down as follows:

1. Special maternity benefit: minimum wage

2. Parental Allowance: minimum wage

3. Unemployment Benefit: 13 daily allowances

4. Subsidies for a three-month stay in the unemployment fund: 15 daily allowances

5. Probation: 15 daily allowances

6. Work stoppage: 20 daily allowance

7. Insolvency of the employer: Up to 3 salaries

8. Builder Season: 70% of 37 a day

9. Emery Season: 70% of the 50 a day

10. Seasonal for Artists, Theater, Tourism: 70% of 25 a day

11. Other seasonal (Lumberjacks – resin collectors, tobacco workers, potters-ceramists-tilers and employed shipwrights): 70% of the 35 per day

12. Self-employed allowances: Monthly unemployment benefit

13. Employment Allowance: 50% unemployment benefit

14. Remuneration of EPO Students.: 75% of the daily wage

15. Internship allowance (IEK DYPA): 80% of minimum wage

16. Gain work experience: Minimum wage

17. Public Interest Programs: Daily minimum wage

18. Employment Programs: Subsidy 50% – 90% of the minimum wage

19. For working students who take part in examinations: 30 daily wages for students / 10 daily wages for postgraduates

Unemployment benefit, which is currently 438 euros, will increase from April to 479 euros.


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