Monday, March 27, 2023

Remos to Vandi: “You live a second adolescence” – “It’s a second chance,” the singer replied [βίντεο]

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Antonis Remos enjoyed Despina Vandi in the nightclub that appeared.

At one point, the two singers had a brief dialogue. Antonis Remos began by saying to Despina Vandi: “I must remember the best years with you and the best yet to come. Why don’t we break up, right?’

“Let’s not do TV together again,” Despina Vandi told him with Antonis Remo confused about the show they lived together on TV. The singer then reminded him that they were in Rising Star together and even mentioned that they would meet again on TV together. “I have something in mind, we’ll do it again,” she told him.

“I love you very much, I’m very happy for you,” he then told her. “What else can I say; love her Despina because she is a great kid and has been for years and will continue to be. And now she is living her second youth,” he added.

The singer didn’t let his comment down and gave him a paid reply. “It’s not a second puberty, it’s a second chance,” she said of her love affair with Vassilis Bisbikis with a big smile.


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