Monday, March 27, 2023

Danai Barka: “A person who is no longer on the channel told me to lose weight” [βίντεο]

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Danae Barka made a revelation with her show Let’s go Danae! over a comment she received from a former channel manager about her weight.

In particular, the presenter said that when she was still doing tests for her show, someone – who is no longer on the network – came and told her to lose weight.

See what Danai Barka said:

“The first year I came to this channel when I had no idea about things, all the dates were perfect, they were great. Eventually a man comes along, I’m saying that because he’s not on the channel anymore and he’s not a well-known person. He worked at another post. While everyone was very encouraging after the first test, I was shaking, this man comes and says to me “listen, everything is fine, but lose a little weight”, the only person who has said this to me in these three years. I make it clear so as not to leave sharp edges. I was shocked at the time because he was in a different position and was on the channel before, so I was shocked that a manager told me that,” Danai Barka said initially.

“Then I didn’t answer him, now I would. I then told him that ‘yeah ok you might be right’. I shared it with some people from the channel who encouraged me and told me : “Don’t stop, you’ll be yourself,” added the presenter.


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