A great performer of the popular song hosts tonight at 21:00 “Home with MEGA”.

Roula Koromilas welcomes Pizza Papadopoulou, the singer who has sealed milestone hits in the Greek discography with her unique voice.

In the company of the great singer

Lena Papadopoulou, Kostas Karafotis and Eleana Papaioannou will be next to her on stage and will take us on a musical journey. The tribute features the great composers Takis Soukas and Kyriakos Papadopoulos. Special guest is the important songwriter Babis Stokas.

A few hours before the broadcast of the episode, be the first to see a musical excerpt from the favorite song “I will thunder” performed by Pizza Papadopoulou:

Tonight, at 21:00, “Home with MEGA” entertains, reminisces and moves with a great lady of folk song.


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Directed by: Dimitris Tsigos

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