Having spoken openly about his battle with depression, the charming actor Lefteris Zambetakis spoke about abusive behavior he encountered in his career.

Speaking about one of the incidents that happened with Petros Filippidis, he called it an achievement that they managed to cause his dismissal at the time.

Lefteris Zambetakis, who stars in the role of the villain in the ERT series “Do what you sleep”, spoke to the magazine 7 Meres TV and the journalist Yiannis Vitsa.

He talked about the years he stayed for three years outside the theater and television. Precisely because he had been subjected to awful behavior and vulgarity in his workplace.

Lefteris Zambetakis

There was a time in your life when you got stuck in the dark, as you went through depression. What did that period teach you?

What I learned from that experience – and it’s the reason I’m talking about it openly – is that it’s something that can be overcome and that you can come out even if you’re at your worst. If, as a human being, you have a little light in you, that will help you to be saved. So this experience taught me patience. It takes patience to get through. Patience is a very great virtue. It also taught me not to set my goals too far. Appreciate the little things.

Were you in psychotherapy during that time?

Yes, I did and still do, for many years now. I now do group psychotherapy and it is very helpful.

Have you experienced abusive behavior at work?

Of course! After all, it is recorded that I was present in one of the incidents that happened with Petros Filippidis. I was with Lena Drosakis and I consider it an achievement that we caused, within the troupe, his dismissal from Katia Dandoulakis – and this is to her credit. We stood up after so many years and said “Enough! That’s enough”. I have suffered obscenity and awful behavior and in fact this was the reason I stopped doing theater and television for three years. And that’s why I’ve come forward so actively now and say yes to such roles. To tell the world that there are these people out there and I’m telling you, having suffered the consequences of their behaviors.