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Bahia defeats Itabuna and goes to the final of Baiano

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Bahia is the first finalist of the 2023 Bahia Championship. This Saturday (18), at Arena Fonte Nova, Tricolor managed to reverse the 1-0 defeat suffered last week, making 4-1 at Dragão do Sul and reaching the big decision. Everaldo and Cauly scored two goals each and secured Bahia in the final.

The match was marked by refereeing controversies, with a penalty for each side and acrimonious complaints that led to expulsions. In total, there were three red cards (one for Bahia and two for Itabuna) and twelve yellow cards presented to the athletes on the field.

Everaldo celebrates a goal against Itabuna – Photo: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia

The game

Needing to reverse the 1-0 defeat suffered in the first leg of the semifinals and pressured by the elimination in the Northeast Cup after the 1-1 draw with Fluminense do Piauí, Bahia started by going up to Itabuna. In the 6th minute, Vitor Jacaré almost opened the scoring after receiving a cross from Biel, but even though he was unmarked, he stopped at Thiago Passos. Shortly after, at 9′, Jacaré was in danger again, hitting the net from the outside. The goal would not take long to come out, but its origin was somewhat controversial. The referee scored a penalty for Bahia after Jacaré kicked and hit Elivelton’s leg. After a lot of complaints, Everaldo went for the ball and opened the scoring. Bahia 1 to 0.

Tricolor continued to press in search of the second goal, which would qualify them, but they were unable to transform the volume of play into goals and the first half ended with a minimal advantage. However, on the way back from the break, things changed. Cauly made the second right at the beginning of the second stage. He took advantage of a deflection by Marcos Victor with a header after Chávez’s cross and free headed to widen. Bahia 2 to 0.

Needing a goal to equal the aggregate score, Itabuna was disorderly exposed and tried to go on the attack. However, it was Bahia who reached the third, again with Everaldo. Camisa 9 received a beautiful assist from Biel, who applied a beautiful dribble on Jean Pieter, and hit first to score his second goal in the game. Bahia 3 to 0.

It was so easy that Biel and Jacaré wasted great opportunities to score the fourth and finish off Dragão do Sul once and for all. As punishment, on the way up to Itabuna’s attack, Cesinha was brought down by Jacaré inside the area and the referee signaled a penalty. Daniel complained a lot, received the second yellow and was expelled, leaving Bahia with one less. Cesinha himself converted the charge and reduced it to the visitors.

When it looked like Itabuna would take on a more dangerous posture because they had a numerical advantage, defender Hebert was sent off for complaining in the 37th minute of the second half. With 10 against 10 and calmer on the field, Tricolor returned to control the game and scored. Cauly scored Esquadrão’s fourth and his second at 40′, after hitting Thiago Passos on the way out, thus enacting the tricolor rout. There was still time for Jna Pieter to be sent off for fouling Cauly, but that was it.

Cauly scored twice and helped take Bahia to the final – Photo: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia

Bahia returns to the final after 3 years

Biggest state champion, Bahia had not reached the Baiano final since 2020, the year in which it won its 49th and last title. In 2021 the team ended up eliminated in the semifinals for Bahia de Feira, already in 2022 it was in 6th position in the first phase and even managed to qualify for the semifinals.

In pursuit of the 50th achievement

Now classified, Bahia awaits the opponent of the big decision, which will come out of the duel between Jacuipense and Juazeirense. The two teams face each other this Sunday, at 4 pm (Brasília time), at the Valfredão stadium, in Riachão de Jacuípe. Having won the first match 1-0, Jacuipense has the advantage of a draw. The finals are scheduled for the 2nd and 9th of April.


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