Monday, March 27, 2023

Incidents in Nice: wood between fans before the game Progressive – Aigaleo [βίντεο]

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Violent incidents erupted in Nice on Sunday afternoon ahead of the Super League 2 Prodevetsii – Aegaleo game.

According to the SDNA website, Proodevtis’ friends gathered to go to Keratsini, where the team would meet Aegaleo. However, Ionian fans waited for them and clashes and incidents ensued.

Fans of the two teams engaged in hand-to-hand combat, throwing objects such as rocks and chairs.

Information on which teams fans were attracted to is mixed. According to other sources, they were followers of Progressive who clashed with those of Aegaleos, and according to other sources they were followers of Ionian who aligned with those of Aegaleus.

Tension was relieved when police forces arrived at the scene and dispersed fans with chemicals. However, there were also small outbreaks of fire in trees, while those who were then Gr. Crossed Lambrakis, saw a theater of war.

The situation calmed down shortly after 2 p.m.


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