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Røiseland on the podium in the last race of his career: – A very nice journey

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The high-profile and deserving southerner is the most successful Norwegian biathlete of all time, and at the 2020 World Championships she won medals in all disciplines. There were five gold and two bronze.

At this year’s World Championships there were two gold medals in the relay and one bronze medal in the individual.

In total, she has won 13 gold and four bronze medals at the World Championships. She also has three gold, two silver and two bronze medals from the Olympics.

Røiseland has a total of 17 individual victories in the World Cup (38 in total). After the joint home start on Sunday at Holmenkollen, it was over for the 32-year-old.

– It was a very nice trip that I would never have given up on in my life, Røiseland told TV 2.

– Pretty tasty

There was no victory at the end of a very successful career, but she was closest to Hanna Öberg. With one penalty, Røiseland had a strong finish at home.

– I was very interested that I should have a happy ending. I’ll miss that a lot, but it’s also kind of nice that this was the last time. “I’m so thankful for everything I’ve been able to experience,” said Røiseland.

– It was important for me to finish where I showed what I’m good at. It feels good to finish second, the 32-year-old continued.

Røiseland struggled with health problems in the first half of the season and only competed in his first World Cup race in January. It was just before the World Cup.

After that, the Frolander performed well and ended her career with a great race in Kollen.

– It’s been a tough season. It is very uncertain whether I could come back, said Røiseland.


She thanked those in attendance on the long side before crossing the finish line. A visibly moved Røiseland was hugged by Öberg in goal.

– She will leave a big void and has been a big profile for many years. I will be the one who defeated Marte in the last race, Öberg said.

Biathlon legend Ole Einar Bjørndalen found no words to describe Røiseland’s last race.

– She deserves all the attention she can get. It’s big and last but not least the race she puts together on a day like this. There are no words to describe it, Bjørndalen said on the TV 2 show.

Tiril Eckhoff was also eliminated this season. She did not race, but was thanked along with Røiseland at Holmenkollen.

The Norwegian support apparatus provided T-shirts with a picture of Røiseland and Eckhoff and the words ‘our queens’.

– An absolutely fantastic ending. It’s very sad for us as a team that the first two are giving up, but then it was important for us to give them a perfect finish. We got what we wanted, coach Sverre Huber Kaas told TV 2.

– Didn’t sink

Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold won silver at the joint start at the World Championships in Oberhof in February. It was more difficult on Sunday for the girl from Fossum, who failed to make it to the top. She finished 19th with six penalties.

Karoline Knotten was two places ahead. She stuck to three boom shots. She hasn’t had time to think about her teammates’ retirements yet.

– It hasn’t sunk yet. It will probably come at some point I think. I will miss her very much in the group, said Knotten.

Third was French Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet, who also failed on Sunday.


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