Circles of the Ministry of Citizen Protection point out that the sudden dismissal of Konstantinos Skoumas is an exclusive decision of KYSEA and a central choice of the Government to change the leadership of EL.AS.

Specifically, as they state, “the decision to appoint a new leader of EL.AS. belongs to the highest governmental body with this competence, the KYSEA and was taken, unanimously, with the sole aim of improving and more positively and effectively implementing the modern operational plans of the Hellenic Police for the safety of citizens”.

Commenting on Mr. Skuma’s pointed statement after his dismissal, the same circles said that “human bitterness is certainly understandable, but the government’s decision and its collective goal should be respected.”

Foam spikes

Earlier with his written statement the former leader of ELAS, Konstantinos Skoumas, responded with spikes to his dismissal stating, among other things, that “in the last judgments, my officially documented objections about persons were ignored in an unprecedented discrediting of the institutional role of the Chief and therefore I will not assume the responsibilities of my political superior nor will I be the scapegoat of anyone ».

He also speaks of “intense dissatisfaction in certain centers of power, which, as it turns out, led to the violent termination of my tenure.”

“I leave with dignity and a clear conscience and leave the facts to everyone’s judgment, which in the process will become even more noticeable” concludes Mr. Skoumas.