The reaction of the brother of the victim in Tempi was caused by the post of the well-known journalist Stavros Theodorakis announcing that he will have Kyriakos Mitsotakis as a guest on the subject of the train accident on his show “Protagonists”.

In particular, in the episode of “Protagonists” that will be shown next Tuesday, Stavros Theodorakis welcomes the prime minister, in a show about the tragedy of Tempi, and as the journalist mentions on Twitter “young people who were on the train and lived the nightmare in Tempi , address their questions to the Prime Minister”.

“And the questions of young people like my brother Vaio who was on the train and was killed in the nightmare in Tempi?” asks Vangelis Vlachos, with his post on Twitter and notes: “They can’t put them “alive”, but they have deposited in places such as the 1st Cemetery of Karditsa”.

“It doesn’t matter, we will ask about Vaios, when and as it should be,” concludes Vangelis Vlachos in his post.