The circle of contacts he had developed the Russian spy which was known in the area of ​​Pagratio as “Maria Tsalla” the Greek secret services are looking for.

In December 2022 in Ljubljana a couple of Russian spies who appeared to be of Argentinian origin and specialized in buying and selling real estate were unmasked by the local authorities, with evidence found in their home also revealing the activities of “Maria Tsalla” in Pagrati .


As Sunday’s “BIMA” reveals, among the names found was that of the 35-year-old from Russia and it cannot be considered a coincidence that she left Greece a few weeks after her identity was revealed in Slovenia.

At the same time, the real name of her husband who was in Brazil was revealed, with his partner in the Latin American country posting his photo on social media, as he had suddenly disappeared without knowing his whereabouts.

The Greek secret services, for their part, are trying to establish with whom the 35-year-old Russian woman, who seems to speak several languages ​​fluently, had developed a circle of contacts.

The trips

The trips she made abroad are also put under the microscope to ascertain her action.

The spy from Russia had registered in the municipality of Aliverios with the details of an infant who had passed away and with the aim of going as unnoticed as possible she had taken care to build the profile of an everyday person who ran a simple knitting shop in Pagrati and had photography as a hobby. The cover to cover her tracks.

In Greece, the 35-year-old Russian spy maintained a close friendship with an academic, who, however, seems to know nothing about her true identity.