The dangerous – as it was revealed – bridge of the Serbs in Kozani is now permanently closed for all vehicles, as the crack in the beam in the sixth vertebra of the bridge is characterized by the engineers as “active”.

However, what is surprising is that the plans of the Serbian bridge were missing and the Greek officials were looking for them for two years, to finally find them… in Italy.

The head of transportation works execution of the region of Western Macedonia, Sakis Vouras, spoke to Mega about the crack:

“There was a micro-movement. Yesterday at noon everything was fine and in the evening he had to move again. It basically shows us that this rift was not a random event that happened in the past, but is there, ongoing and active.”

This crack has been known for two years to the authorities of the region of Western Macedonia.

However, decisions were made after the issue was made public: “In 2021 a visual inspection was carried out under the bridge deck and the dangerous crack was identified. In 2022, the problem was re-examined,” said the district’s transportation project execution chief.

And he characteristically added: “In 2023, actually a few 24 hours ago, the repair work began.”

Ignore the plans

However, the work was delayed, as the urban plans were not located in Greece.

As revealed by Mega, in order to carry out the necessary studies and start work on the bridge, urban planning plans were necessary, but the authorities in Greece had been looking for them for two years and could not find them anywhere.

In Italy they found them

“We looked everywhere, the plans were nowhere to be found. Eventually, they found themselves in the archives of the Italian state.”

This happened because the Italian builder of the bridge is no longer alive and his son donated his entire archive to the Italian state.

No one knows how the Greek state did not take care to secure the urban plans of the Serbion bridge from the beginning.