The images from the remote control building in Larissa, a few days after the tragic accident in Tempe that left behind 57 dead and several injured, are revealing.

The place where the trains should be checked has been completely abandoned.

MEGA’s camera brought to light images of utter destruction, with dangling cables, collapsed plaster and even rubbish.

The comparison with a refugee camp

In the last few hours, a post has gone viral on social networks that shows the different treatment of critical issues such as that of security.

In particular, in her post, journalist Lydia Emmanuilidou compares the situation of the remote control building with that of the Athens Administration and Control Center for the monitoring of asylum seekers in refugee camps.

The differences in the two images he presents are huge, with the empty building in Larissa looking nothing like the room reminiscent of the “Big Brother” control room.

Images of absolute abandonment

As many have said, if the remote control was working in Larissa, the safety systems would activate and warn that a train is moving in the opposite direction. But a ghost building turned the trains blind.

Two stationmasters would normally work in this space where cables hang from the ceiling and they could see the course of the trains, the direction and the line they are following at any time. The commercial and passenger train would not move for so many kilometers on the same line without anyone knowing.

The inexperienced guard from the local control panel showing the MEGA could only see the passenger train moving in the first five kilometers. From there the trains disappear.

If the remote control worked, as OSE employees pointed out to MEGA, then the real role of the infinite station master would only be to drive the trains out of the Larissa station.