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King Charles’ orders to the calls of the watch – Silence on the morning patrols

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King Charles asked the Clarence House soldiers to lower their voices.

King Charles reportedly gave this order because the voices and loud commands given during his morning exercises were causing a problem with his morning phone calls. According to the Daily Mail, royal sources said the king’s complaint was delivered “gently and courteously”.

The release says an email was sent to the relevant department saying the king had noticed how loud the guard at St James’s Palace sounded that morning. The guard was therefore asked to carry out their duties with “slightly less intensity”.

King Charles: The Tradition of 1843 That Continues

According to the report, King Charles begins his daily duties by making phone calls and video calls from his office at Clarens House.

Every day at 9am a piper plays under his window, a tradition dating back to Queen Victoria. King Charles decided to keep this tradition alive after his mother’s death in September.

Queen Victoria created the position of piper in 1843 and Queen Elizabeth has enjoyed the tradition since she ascended the throne in 1952.


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