In Russia, a 13-year-old schoolgirl was institutionalized and her father under house arrest because of a painting against the war in Ukraine.
13-year-old Masha Moskaliova was found in an institution far from her home because of an anti-war painting.

Last April in art class, Masha drew a Ukrainian mother trying to protect her child from Russian missiles. When her teacher saw the drawing, she informed the school principal, who called the police.

Following an investigation, authorities discovered that Alexei’s father had posted a photo of the painting with the words “I’m against war” on social media. Father and daughter were arrested and interrogated several times in the months that followed. The 53-year-old man was beaten in the department, Russian activists complain.

On March 1, the police again broke into their home, arrested Alexei and transferred Masha to an institution.

The father is under house arrest

The father was placed under house arrest, charged with defaming the Russian military and faces three years in prison. However, Masha is still in the institution without being allowed any contact with the outside world.

Russian activists have launched a petition to return the girl to her father who is raising her alone in the town of Yefremov, about 300km south of Moscow. As they say, Masha and Alexei are just two of the victims of the Russian authorities’ persecution of those who dare to speak out against the war.

According to the data, eight minors are being prosecuted and more than 500 have been arrested since the beginning of the war.