A teacher from Britain, principal of a primary school since 2010, could not stand it when her school was downgraded in the annual evaluations to the lowest category, receiving the designation “inadequate” (inadequate) and committed suicide.

An incident that weighed heavily on the negative evaluation received by her school was the publication of a video of a student dancing what is called the “flossing dance”.

The incident was deemed by the body responsible for carrying out the assessments to contribute to the “early sexualisation” of children.

In January, the school’s headmistress committed suicide shortly before the assessment report was released, having been informed that the school had fallen to the lowest grade.

“Worst day of my life”

The teacher was faced with the criticism of the school inspector, who, upon learning about the “inappropriate dance” incident, had characterized the movements as “sexual”.

Ruth Perry had then told those around her, according to what her sister told the BBC, that it was “the worst day of her life” and that what the inspector had said was “unfair”.

Perry was married and a mother.

Her bond with this particular school unit was enormous. She had been a student there, while in 2006 she was hired as a teacher. Four years later, in 2010, he took over as director.