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18-month-old twins dead in US – great-grandmother with Alzheimer’s left door open and drowned in pool

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Twin infants, a boy and a girl, just 18 months old, drowned in their home’s swimming pool when their great-grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, left the back door of her home in Oklahoma City, USA, open.

When mother Jenny Callazzo found her 18-month-old children Locklyn and Loreli at the bottom of the pool’s murky waters Thursday morning, they were unconscious.

The two children were pronounced dead at hospital two hours later, the Daily Mail reported.

Callazzo, a boutique owner, lives in the $565,000 home with her grandmother, six children, and her husband Sonny, 42, a marketing executive.

The twins who drowned in their home pool in Oklahoma

How the twins drowned in the pool in Oklahoma

A relative told the Daily Mail that the children’s great-grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, left the back door of the house open. The twins apparently went outside and fell into the pool.

Aerial photos of the home showed a greenish pool filled with algae-filled water.

Police are investigating the twins’ deaths but don’t believe it was a criminal offense, instead believing it was a freak accident.

A few days ago, 37-year-old Callazzo posted photos of her twins in front of the house with the caption “They just want to play in the garden”.

Neighbors said they saw the distraught mother of twins climb into the back of an ambulance as paramedics struggled to save her children.

Silent drowning and what parents of young children should do in homes with swimming pools

Injury prevention coordinator Laura Gamino told the Mail she hopes parents realize how deadly water can be for young children.

“Anything can happen in an instant,” he warned. “Children are attracted to water and toddlers don’t have the skills to help themselves out of the water…Drowning is very sudden and it’s silent. People think that a child in trouble will cry out in the water, but they can’t because their mouth is full of water. So drowning is quiet and scary.”

He also urged owners of homes with swimming pools to install a 4m high fence around their swimming pools, with a gate that small children cannot open.


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