The arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin was commented negatively by the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. According to him, this option will have “bad political consequences”, while the only thing it will serve is the prolongation of the war in Ukraine.

We remind you that the arrest warrant for Putin was issued last Friday by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, with the Russian president accused of war crimes.

Speaking to reporters, among other things, Vucic quipped: “My question is now that you’ve accused him of the biggest war crimes, who are you going to talk to now?”

“pointless question”

“Do you really think it is possible to defeat Russia in a month, three months or a year?” he added.

The Serbian president said there is “no doubt” that the main goal of the ICC is to hamper Putin’s communications.

When asked if the Russian leader would be arrested if he visited Serbia, Mr Vucic replied that this was a “pointless question” as as long as the war continues, “Putin has nowhere to go”.

Serbia has maintained a close relationship with Russia throughout the conflict and is the only European state that has not imposed international sanctions against Moscow.

However, the Balkan country is also seeking EU membership and yesterday agreed to move forward with a deal to normalize relations with Kosovo after refusing to recognize the state’s declaration of independence in 2008 – a refusal shared by Vladimir Putin.